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Run It

Packaging, Branding


Run It

Brand Identity

Run It is a mobile and web platform that brings people together for pick-up sports. Connect with and meet similar-level athletes. Discuss and organize directly within the app. Grow your network around you through the excitement and competition of sports.



Cities and neighborhoods across the country have public parks, courts and open spaces that hardly (if ever) reach maximum use. Likewise, it can be challenging to find other sports enthusiasts of a similar level to yourself to compete against.

Location-based meet up services have become wildly popular for all purposes ranging from dating to marketplace interactions. However the model for connecting like-minded athletes has yet to be perfected. Run It looks to be the solution to this problem, bringing together location-enabled mobile technology with recreation and competition.


Design Process

My multi-stage, agile design process allows for flexibility and iteration throughout the product life cycle while keeping user needs always at the forefront.


The Challenge

The primary challenge came was designing how to connect and match people in real-time that’s more interactive and malleable than a static public bulletin.

A secondary challenge came with standardizing a range of variables such as number of participants spots, skill level and equipment, etc. that can vary widely from sport to sport. To tackle this problem we imagined and acted out various scenarios why people would seek others to play any given sport.


Social Engineering

An interactive map with live pins and scrollable cards for posts. with multiple ways to navigate and discover sports. Every request is approved by the post creator.


UX Design

Run it offers mulitple ways to discover new games, events and other athletes around you.


Grid System

Run It was designed on an 8-pt grid system, meaning every box, button and margin is built on an increment of 8 pixels.

An 8-pt grid has the advantage of being scalable to the widest range of screen dimensions without the risk of anti-aliasing or uneven pixel alignments. Other benefits of 8-pt grids include a consistent overall visual harmony with content dimensions and negative spaces sharing a common denominator.

Additionally, time and energy is saved in decision-making when designing screens as well as with development on the backend. This is due to less time for developers spent referencing spec sheets and focusing on each additional margin as sizes are consistent and become more intuitive over time.


The Solution

Run it changes how sports enthusiasts connect with each other.


Design Language

Automatch finds and connects you with athletes of a similar level, and challenges them to a match on your behalf. you can also be available for would-be opponents to challenge you